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The Bridging Method

Over the past several decades, the Bridging method of project delivery ( has become a widely practiced and well accepted technique for organizing the roles of architects, engineers and contractors. The method is a hybrid of traditional Design/Bid/Build and Design/Build contracting approaches. Bridging improves project results and reduces risks, particularly from the perspective of the Owner.

The Bridging method was developed by Brookwood co-founder, George Heery, and it has been refined over the years by Mr. Heery and many of his colleagues at Brookwood Group

Golden Gate Bridge

The name “Bridging” was suggested in 1989 by Brookwood co-founder, Shepherd Heery, who visualized the Golden Gate Bridge as a metaphor for the technique. He conceptualized the bridge towers as contract award points in the two-step award process, and he saw the entire span as bridging over and avoiding risks often encountered in the course of managing design, construction and initial occupancy of major projects.

Brookwood frequently advises clients and partners on the proper and effective use of the Bridging method. As with any method of project delivery, the best results are achieved through the thoughtful, disciplined and correct application of the process by well qualified and accomplished teams of managers and professionals.

Properly applied, the Bridging method fosters a highly collaborative team environment while retaining clarity in roles and responsibilities of project participants. Bridging essentially eliminates the Owner's exposure to unwarranted change orders.

Brookwood Group and its principals have unparalleled experience acting as an Owner, Developer or Program Manager in administering Bridging contracts. In some instances, Brookwood also has served as the Owner’s Design Consultant in Bridging procurements.

For detailed information about the Bridging method of project delivery, please see the publications section of this website. Please also visit (a separate website maintained by Brookwood) and which is the website of the Bridging Institute of America (BIA).

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