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Master Planning

Master Planning involves the development of an overall plan for the development, redevelopment or expansion of the existing development of a site, district, campus or community.

In starting a new project, Brookwood generally recommends that it assist the owner in determining that the project program of requirements, total project budget including all hard, soft and FFE costs, and a master schedule are confirmed and determined to be compatible with one another and have the appropriate approvals. Part of this process will often need to be a preliminary site planning effort to help determine site suitability. There may often need to be an up-dating of the affected areas of an existing master plan, or there may need to be a full master planning effort for the areas that might be affected by the new project.

Brookwood has successfully carried out significant master planning work and related design consultation. Brookwood can provide high quality planning services to clients in connection with its program management, development management, strategic facilities planning and other services.

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