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Shepherd Heery

Shepherd Heery


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Shepherd Heery is Brookwood's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He is one of the three co-founders of the firm and has served as a member of Brookwood’s Board of Directors since the firm was established in 1989.

Shep also serves as co-principal of the brookwood|evolve joint venture, a strategic business relationship that Brookwood has had with Los Angeles based evolve real estate LLC since 2015. His co-principal in that partnership is Chris Fraley of evolve.

Shep’s experience as a developer, architect and construction program manager for private and public sector owners spans four decades. He has extensive management, leadership and marketing experience, especially in the realms of high-rise office and residential developments, encompassing all aspects of the development process.

Shep has been in his current role at Brookwood since mid-2013. He also previously served as Chairman/CEO of the firm from 1989-1997 (when it was known as Satulah Group). In 2009, when he returned to the firm as an employee, he became Brookwood’s President, again becoming CEO in 2010, and Chairman/CEO in 2013.

At Brookwood, Shep has served as the Senior Principal for client relationships including Salesforce, the City of South San Francisco and Cal Poly. He also has led the firm into recent opportunities as a principal developer/investor.

From 2002 through early 2009, Shep served as Senior Vice President of San Francisco based Myers Development Company where he had overall responsibility for implementing the firm's development and construction activities.

From 2000-2001, Shep was employed with Tishman Speyer Properties as the Director of Development in San Francisco where he and his colleagues secured planning and zoning approvals to develop the 33-story, 650,000 square foot office tower at 555 Mission. He and others initiated the environmental review process for four residential towers in San Francisco. Two of those towers have been completed by Tishman Speyer and are known as The Infinity. The remaining two towers are currently under construction and are known as Lumina.

At Satulah Group, Shep guided the growth of the firm from 1989-1997. In 1997, he negotiated the sale of Satulah's corporate real estate project management, facilities management and software units to LaSalle Partners, predecessor to Jones Lang LaSalle. In conjunction with the sale, Shep joined Jones Lang LaSalle where he worked for two years in a multi-disciplinary marketing capacity. At the time of the sale to LaSalle, the company's name was changed from Satulah Group to Brookwood Group. Shep remained on Brookwood's Board of Directors.

From 1982-1989, Shep was a Project Manager with Gerald D. Hines Interests, responsible for the development of several high-rise projects in Oakland and San Francisco. While at Hines, he coordinated and closed a number of transactions, the largest of which involved an ownership interest in 101 California Street. Prior to Shep’s experience at Hines, he was a practicing architect and construction program manager in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Aspen, Colorado.

Shep holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University and a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He also attended summer sessions at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and at University College, Oxford.

谢普·希利(Shepherd Heery) 是布鲁克伍德集团(Brookwood Group)董事长兼首席执行官,是三位创始人之一。自1989年公司成立以来,他一直是董事会成员。

谢普担任公私业主的开发商,建筑师以及施工项目经理,长达37年。他有丰富的管理,领导和市场营销经验 ,尤其是在高层写字楼和公寓楼开发领域,涵盖开发流程的各个方面。

自2013年中以来谢普一直担任现职。1989年至1997年,他任现公司前身萨土勒公司(Satulah)的董事长兼执行总裁, 2009年他以员工身份回到公司,成为布鲁克伍德公司的总经理,并于2010年再次成为公司执行总裁,2013年成为公司的董事长兼执行总裁。

谢普作为布鲁克伍德集团高级主管,负责客户关系,其中包括Salesforce, 南旧金山市府和加州工程大学(Cal Pol)。他还作为主要的开发商和投资者,带领公司投身近期的一些机会。

从2002年到2009年初,他在旧金山的迈耶开发公司(Myers Delopment Company)担任高级副总裁,承担该公司开发和施工业务的主要责任。

2000年与2001年期间,在旧金山担任美国铁狮门(Tishman)公司的开发总监,与同事们一起获得规划和划区许可,开发Mission 街 555号一座33层面积达65万平方英尺的写字楼。他还会同其他人启动了旧金山四座公寓大楼的环境审查流程。其中两座大楼由铁狮门完成,即 著名的”摩天“(The Infinity)。另外两座被称为“鲁米那”(Lumina)的尚在施工之中。

1989年到1997年,谢普带领萨土勒集团公司发展成长。1997年,通过谈判,将萨土勒的商务地产项目管理、设 施管理以及软件事务部出售给仲量联行(Jones Lang LaSalle)前身LaSalle合伙人公司。出售同时,他加盟仲量联行,并在随后的两年时间里负责市场营销业务。出售同时,公司改名为布鲁克伍德(Brookwood),谢普则继续担任公司董事。

1982年至1989年,他任杰拉德●海因斯公司(Gerald D. Hines Interests)项目经理,负责奥克兰和旧金山多个高层项目的开发。在海因斯公司,协调并完成了多笔交易,其中最大的一笔则关系到加利福尼亚大街101号大楼业主的权益。在此之前,分别在费城、亚特兰大以及科罗拉多的阿斯本担任建筑师和施工项目经理职务。


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